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  • Marcheluzzo Refrigeration

    Industrial food refrigeration technology at the service of your needs
  • Marcheluzzo Refrigeration is a reference company in the Food Equipment Industry.
    Industrial food refrigeration is split in two parts different by type of application and construction technical capacity:

    Process Environment air treatment and refrigeration

    Compression: it is referred to engineering design and the supply of equipment suitable to produce the right cooling capacity through Chillers, Moto-Condensers, Moto-Evaporators and Customized Skid

    Air Treatment and Refrigeration: Design and Supply of equipment capable to manage and control Thermo-Hygrometric parameters of the environments where food product is processed, transform, pack, conserve and store.

    We produce fiberglass (ARTICA VTR) single-shell air treatment units, specifically design for Food sector refrigeration, with a very high level of sanitization and filtration, suitable for ISO classification environment.    
    Our Engineering team work in synergy with important local and international partners, to define and supply the right equipment and components the requirements above mentioned.
    Fully aware in the climate change of the Planet, we offer technological solution that respect the most strictly international environmental standards.

Engineering and refrigeration equipment construction complying with the most modern international technology in the sector